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Red stain removal



A recent customer pointed out a red stain in the carpet previous professional carpet cleaners were unable to remove. They it claimed was permanent and the first picture was the best they could do.

In their efforts they managed to bleach the surrounding carpeted area creating a worse looking stain in the carpet.  

Then Jeff comes along with his handy spot removal kit.  

Jeff gets to work treating the stain and applying some expertise the previous technician did not have.  

While the stain will never come out 100%, Jeff was able to make it much less noticeable and save the customer from an expensive carpet replacement that would have cost about $2,000.

This is the kind of service you can expect from JT's Carpet Cleaning.

Our goal is to leave our customers satisfied with their carpets refreshed and looking new or in like new condition.

We take the time to treat your carpets and home right so you can feel at home when you are home.  

This is just a small sample of some of the amazing work Jeff and his team can do.  

Don't let that stain set in, call (913) 721-3515 to book your cleaning today!  



We were even able to help the owner of this expensive wool rug!

Another house carpet saved from everyday foot traffic!

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