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These units are commercial quality and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Jeff will be happy to advise you on the specific equipment needs for your home. Please list any questions, comments, or concerns in the message box below. We offer free delivery and pickup with our rental units.

Do you have flood water damage? We can help with that!

Picture of JT's Drying Equipment for rentCommercial Dehumidifier (pictured on left) & Commercial Dryer (pictured on right).

JT's Carpet Cleaning is proud to offer a new service to your wonderful customers.  

We have always offered flood water removal, but we now also rent equipment out for those that prefer to take matters into their own hands.  No matter which service you opt for, we offer free delivery and pickup with the same affordable rates as always.  


Dehumidifer Rental $100.00/day  These are the large commercial units, they will get the job done with less effort on your part so you can relax again and enjoy peace of mind in your home.

Dryer Rental $25.00/day--These are also commercial units designed to withstand the rigors of any job big or small to get your home dried out quickly.  

The number of dehumidifers and dryers needed varies on the severity and area of the flood water damage.  Jeff can advise anyone renting this equipment on what they will need to get the job done properly as he has years of experience with this type of work.  For those that would rather remain hands off, we also offer an advanced Cleaning Package.  This package includes all labor for removing the water, ripping up carpet that is damaged beyond repair, and setting up proper equipment to dry the project area.  As every house has different factors, these jobs are on an as bid basis.  Jeff can give an estimate range over the phone for those that would like more information before booking this service.  In these instances, pictures may save you money by allowing Jeff to create a custom plan for your project and having all the right tools ready to tackle it from the start.  Please email any project bid photos to  

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