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Download the JT's Carpet Cleaning app for iPhone by clicking this link. 

When downloading the iPhone version you may get a message about an untrusted developer due to ios security settings.  The following steps will allow your iPhone or iPad to run our app.


  1. Go to: Settings -> General -> Profiles
  2. Under ENTERPRISE APP, choose "Onsinteractive Solution Pvt Ltd."
  3. Tap Trust "Onsinteractive Solution Pvt Ltd."
  4. Tap "Trust" in pop up.
  5. Now, close and re-open the JTs Carpet Cleaning app again and it should work.


Android users:  You may also experience an alert from your phone when attempting to download the app.  Please click on "allow once" for the download to complete and our app to run on your phone.   


The above alerts are due to our app still being in development as we gather feedback from you, our loyal customers.  Please let us know at one of the email links listed above about your experience with our app.


Thank you.



If you have any questions feel free to email us by clicking one of the email buttons below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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A few screenshots from our new app!