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This is an image of carpet cleaning in country club.  before and after picture.

Post Construction Cleanup Job

The house pictured below was a post construction build that was struck by lightening.  This subsequently caused a fire that damaged the plumbing, causing extreme damage inside the home.  Our professional cleaning team was hired in by the contractors to get the house cleaned up inside.  The pictures below show some of the mess our teams tackled, and some of the power washing and damaged building material we removed from the house as part of the cleanup.

House Cleanup

A homeowner called us in to help prepare her home to put on the market.  One of the tasks was removing 20 years of clutter from the basement and steam cleaning it to remove a thick layer of built-up dust, dirt, and grime.  The pictures below were taken during that job. 


Before picture for a basement deep clean

After picture of basement de-cluttering and deep clean

Power Washing Rust Stains-Before

Picture of rust stains from dumpster sitting in driveway.

Power Washing Rust Stain-After

Carpet Cleaning Before and After